Best Face Palette!

Hi everyone ☺️I wanted to share with you my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE face palette today 💘hope you enjoy! Some of you have already seen this mentioned in my January Favourites – but here’s a more in-depth review of the product!

Urban Decay Sin Afterglow Palette

The Urban Decay Palette is so convenient for travelling or just for chucking into your makeup kit before leaving home because it has your blush, bronzer, and highlight covered! 😀

It comes with two blushes – one is a lighter, more baby pink shimmery blush (Kiss Off), and the other is more of a peachy shimmery blush (Score). Both are absolutely gorgeous shades – I personally use Kiss Off more because I prefer less peachy shades.

Next up are the bronzers Paranoid and PSA! I love dipping a little bit into Paranoid for a warm, bronzy feel. I personally wouldn’t use PSA for a bronzer, however, it is so gorgeous as an eyeshadow! I dip my finger into the pan and dab it on my eyelid, and it is so so stunning!

Last but not least, my favourite – highlighters! If you want more of a subtle highlight, I would recommend Spotlight – it is such a beautiful rose gold-y shade! If you want that blinding highlight (as I’m sure many of us do), Sin is perfect for it! The glow is so intense and I absolutely love putting it on because – WOW, the GLOW!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone – it’s most definitely going to be a repurchase for me if I ever hit pan on any of these stunning products!


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