Best Eyeshadow Palette!

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Hi everyone – I’m doing another “best product” blog today! I thought I’d share with you my absolute favourite makeup palette and hopefully you’ll be convinced to have it in your collection too! As always, follow my Instagram and Pinterest ❤️

And the best eyeshadow palette is my one and only… Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette! This palette is absolutely perfect for travelling – it has different transition shades, gorgeous shimmer shades, and overall, such a warm, neutral palette that I LOVE.

The formula, like any other ABH palette, is so pigmented, and more powdery than some other palettes out there, but the colours are so amazing, they blend so well on the eyelid, and the shimmer shades are everything! Just keep in mind to only dip your brush in once or twice because it is super pigmented.

Hope you enjoyed! Comment down below if you love Soft Glam as well, or if there’s another ABH or any other palette that you’re loving! 💞


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