My Favourite MAC Lipsticks!

Hi everyone, welcome back to yet another makeup blog! Hope you’re all having an amazing day 💞

Today I’ll be sharing with you guys my favourite MAC lipsticks, and some that I hope to add to my collection soon!

1) Viva Glam II
I. Love. This. Lipstick. It looks quite brown-y and dark nude in the picture, but in person, this is a very light, soft nude matte lipstick. I’m constantly obsessing over the gorgeous shade, and the formula is very smooth and doesn’t dry out my lips too much. However, usually I pair this with my Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Gloss just to give my lips a bit more moisture.
P.S. The packaging is just so stunning! That bright pinky red 😍

2) Velvet Teddy
I know, I know – everyone is talking about this shade and it’s everyone’s favourite, but honestly, it lives up to the hype, in my opinion. Sure, it is a little drying, but it’s to be expected – it’s a matte lipstick. The colour is just so gorgeous, and it’s so strange how the shade looks so different on everyone! Before I bought this, I searched for some swatches, and it looked completely different on every single image! I love the colour on me, and like the Viva Glam II, it has a very smooth, butter-y application.

Some other MAC shades that have been on my radar are the shades Brave and Angel. If any of you guys have these lipsticks, please comment down below if you love them or not! ☺️


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