Best Lip Balm Ever!

If you’re lips are constantly dry and you need that extra moisture – I have a lip balm that I guarantee you will love! If you guys don’t know, I am a huge fan of Innisfree, and I’m obsessed with basically all of their products. But this blog’s focus is – lip balm. Everyone needs to try this product ASAP!

It’s called the Innisfree Canola Honey Lip Balm (Intensive Moisture), and currently there is a sale on their website! Here’s a link (not an affiliate link or anything like that)

What I love about this lip balm is that it really does intensely moisturise your lips – and for all of you who cannot stand strong scents, here’s good news – this balm has little to no scent at all!

I also love how the tube is designed – the angle makes it even easier to apply onto the lips – it’s the little details that count 😆

Overall, I’ve been absolutely loving this product! I’m definitely going to purchase more when I run out in the future, and I highly recommend you guys consider this lip balm – it’s amazing.


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