My Love for these Laneige Products!

My Love for these Laneige Products!

I have loved Laneige products for a really long time, and in today’s blog I wanted to share with you guys what products I’m enjoying at the moment 😊remember to follow my Pinterest and Instagram 💛

1) Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
If you’re looking for a product that will hydrate your skin to the max, you’re definitely going to love this product! I use this a couple of times per week, and it honestly makes my skin so moisturised – I feel great! There is 70mL of product, so it’s quite a large amount of product you’re getting as well.

2) Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
If I had to pick my favourite Laneige product, it would definitely be this lip sleeping mask! I don’t use this as a lip balm on a daily basis, I just put a thin layer of this before I go to sleep, and when I wake up my lips are so moisturised – goodbye dry lips in the morning! But also, my favourite lip balm would be the Innisfree one I mentioned in my previous blog. Definitely check this product out!

Hopefully today’s blog was both informative and enjoyable for you all! 💕


Best Primer+New Foundation

Best Primer+New Foundation

Hi everyone ☺️I am back again with another “best product” blog and I hope you all enjoy! I’ve been using the primer for many months, and the foundation for around three months, so I can give you guys a pretty good review!

First up is: the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. This primer has replaced my Etude House Face Liquid Blur (Cherry Blossom Edition) and honestly, I have absolutely no regrets! As much as I love Etude House (especially their eyeshadow palettes), their primer really was not for me. I’m not sure if it was my skin type that didn’t mesh with the formula, but while applying the primer, I noticed that it started to peel/crumble? Not sure why it did that, but I was in need of a new primer, and after purchasing the Bobbi Brown one – I love it so so much!

I love how moisturising but oil-free it is, so it doesn’t leave me looking greasy. It also has the most amazing scent! I apply this by dipping my clean beauty blender inside the tube and patting it all over my face in a thin layer. It definitely makes my makeup application so much smoother!

Next up is a relatively new foundation that I’ve been liking so far! I usually opt for a tinted moisturiser, but lately I’ve been wearing the Nars Sheer Glow foundation more often, and I am really enjoying it! It’s medium coverage and is buildable as well. This foundation applies so flawlessly and it makes your skin look so glowy but also more natural than some other foundations. My shade is Punjab, and it’s described as a yellow-undertone foundation, but personally I found it to have some pink-undertones in it as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s blog and maybe you will try out these products in the future as well 💛

Best Lip Balm Ever!

Best Lip Balm Ever!

If you’re lips are constantly dry and you need that extra moisture – I have a lip balm that I guarantee you will love! If you guys don’t know, I am a huge fan of Innisfree, and I’m obsessed with basically all of their products. But this blog’s focus is – lip balm. Everyone needs to try this product ASAP!

It’s called the Innisfree Canola Honey Lip Balm (Intensive Moisture), and currently there is a sale on their website! Here’s a link (not an affiliate link or anything like that)

What I love about this lip balm is that it really does intensely moisturise your lips – and for all of you who cannot stand strong scents, here’s good news – this balm has little to no scent at all!

I also love how the tube is designed – the angle makes it even easier to apply onto the lips – it’s the little details that count 😆

Overall, I’ve been absolutely loving this product! I’m definitely going to purchase more when I run out in the future, and I highly recommend you guys consider this lip balm – it’s amazing.

5 Ways to Get Better Skin

5 Ways to Get Better Skin

Maintaining clear and smooth skin might sound difficult, and I agree – everyone gets breakouts or the occasional pimple. However, these 5 tips will definitely help keep your skin youthful and clear!

1) Have a consistent skincare routine

This one is so, so important! Make sure to wash your face with a cleanser in the morning, and before you go to bed. I love to use The Face Shop Chia Seed Fresh Bubble Foam. It definitely washes away all of the oil I have on my face, but not too much that my skin feels stretched.

After cleansing, make sure you use toner. If you don’t know what toner actually does to help your skin – well, it does so many things! It helps further remove excess oil and/or dirt, and helps prevent pimples as well. I have a couple of toners that I love, including the Estee Lauder Toning Lotion, and the Dr Belmeur Clarifying Toner. Currently I’m using the Dr Belmeur because I ran out of the Estee Lauder one 😞but honestly, they’re both so great!

Next step is serum! Also mentioned in my January Favourites Blog, my current favourite is the Innisfree Whitening Pore Synergy Serum – it is so amazing! Another serum that I really love is The Face Shop Chia Seed Serum – it’s very moisturising! Honestly, I’m just in love with the whole Chia Seed line 😂

Now onto lotion! I’m currently using another Dr Belmeur product – the Clarifying Moisturizer – and I definitely think it moisturises my skin without making it oily, which is a huge plus!

This is my skincare routine at the moment, and it’s working great! I’ll keep you guys updated if you would like!

Products mentioned:
Chia Seed Fresh Bubble Foam

Estee Lauder Multi-Action Toning Lotion/Refiner

Dr Belmeur Clarifying Toner

The Face Shop Chia Seed Moisture Recharge Serum

Dr Belmeur Clarifying Moisturizer

2) Never go to bed without washing off your makeup

You’re skin regenerates new skin cells more at night, so if you’re pores are clogged due to the makeup – you are much more prone to getting a breakout or bad skin. I know a lot of people use micellar water to remove their makeup, but personally, I’ve always used a cleansing oil and foam to remove my makeup, and it does wonders not just in removing the makeup, but also to my skin as well!

The cleansing oil and foam that I use is from Sulwhasoo, which I absolutely love. Their oil and foam are my holy grails! Another oil and foam I love is from Clinique. If you want to purchase these items, I recommend going to The Cosmetics Company Store – they sell skincare and makeup at lower prices compared to the retail price. I mean, who doesn’t want products for cheaper?

Products Mentioned:
Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil EX

Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam

3) Apply sunscreen daily

This might seem unnecessary, but trust me, it definitely helps – especially here in Australia, where the UV rays damage your skin even during winter. Make sure you’re applying a thick layer of sunscreen at least once per day – preferably SPF50+ to get the most protection from the sun. As you guys probably know, one of the main causes of premature aging is sun exposure – so always remember to put that sunscreen on before you leave the house! Better yet, integrate sunscreen into your daily skincare routine!

My recommendations for sunscreen are:
Missha All Around Safe Block Aqua Sun Gel (I mentioned this in my January Favourites blog – honestly the best sunscreen I’ve tried so far!)

– Sulwhasoo Hydro-Aid Moisturizing Soothing UV Protection Fluid (this one is also amazing but it’s quite high-end)

4) Know what type of skin you have

The products and routine I mentioned above might not work for you if you have a different skin type to me. Personally, I have combination skin – so I have more oil on my forehead and T-zone compared to other parts of my face. Always remember to use products that work for you. I recommend asking the staff at whatever skincare store you go into for advice – they usually know which products work for which skin type.

5) Don’t touch your face

This might sound strange, but don’t touch your face! Your hands collect quite a lot of bacteria and dirt – it makes sense though, we do a lot of things with our hands – and if that gets on your face? It is definitely not good for your skin. Just keep that in mind 😊

Make your Day More Positive

Make your Day More Positive

Hi guys! This morning I just wanted to give you a couple of tips and inspiration that can hopefully make your day more positive ☺️

1) It’s all about the mindset – tell yourself every day that “today is going to be my day”. This determined, encouraging mindset will make you much more motivated to have an amazing day ❤️

2) Take breaks in between work – this helps lower your stress and have a fresher mind when you come back to continue your work. I personally find that this helps me a lot when I’m studying, so hopefully this works for you too! But remember, a break shouldn’t last for more than 15 minutes – otherwise, the break will stretch and stretch until it becomes procrastination 😂

3) Before you leave for work/school, make sure you say goodbye – this one is very important! This doesn’t matter if you live with your family, friends, or partner, but always make sure you say everything you want to say before you walk out that door. Just a simple “I love you” or “I’ll see you after work/school” can really help strengthen the relationship, and make your day and theirs much better 💛

So these are just a couple of tips to be mindful of as you start your day! I hope you guys found this helpful 😊

January Favourites

January Favourites

Hi everyone, and welcome to my first ever blog! January has gone by so quickly – I cannot believe it is already February! There are a couple of items that I have absolutely fallen in love with – and some which have been my favourites for a very long time now. I hope this helps some of you try out these amazing products and items!

1) Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag

This bag has totally stolen my heart! It has beautiful, luxurious, smooth calfskin leather with rustic gold hardware, and a removable tassel. The black colour also makes it perfect for any outfit, and can definitely be dressed up or down as well. Attaching the tassel will definitely make your casual outfit look so chic, but on nights out, removing the tassel will change your outfit to be more sophisticated.

I personally think this is more on the casual side though. I have used this bag throughout the past month, and so far, so good! There are no scratches or signs of wear that I can see, so if you’re concerned about the leather being easily scratched, don’t be! However, be mindful – because it is smooth leather, it will be prone to wrinkling easier than a grained leather bag, for example.

Overall, the price point is great for a designer bag too!

2) Innisfree Whitening Pore Synergy Serum
I bought this product around mid-December, and throughout the rest of December and all of January, I have been loving this serum! After I put this serum on, when I apply my lotion, my skin feels so smooth and silky! I have been so impressed with this formula, and my skin is definitely impressed too!

3) Missha All Around Safe Block Aqua Sun Gel
Another skincare favourite for this month! I always avoided wearing sunscreen whenever I would go out simply because of how it made my skin look oily and greasy. However, the Missha sunscreen totally changed the game for me. When you first apply it, there is a shine, but after a short period of time, it becomes a matte-like finish! There is no added oiliness to the skin at all, and I’ve been very impressed with it. It’s also SPF 50+ and PA++++, which is a huge bonus. There are many different lines of this type of sunscreen, so I recommend asking the staff which will be best for your skin type.

4) Urban Decay Sin Afterglow Palette
Now for some makeup – ever since I purchased this product, I have been obsessed with it. It’s so travel-friendly, and the colours in this palette are absolutely stunning. Included are two blushes, two bronzers, and two highlighters. All of them are so easy to blend and do not have much fall out – except for the highlighter “sin” – I’ve noticed that particular product has more fall out than the others, so if you’re planning on getting it, make sure you’re wary of that.

5) Ralph Lauren Teddy Bear T-Shirt
I recently bought a shirt similar to this (mine is in the grey colour – I couldn’t find my exact one online) at an outlet store and I am so in love with how adorable this t-shirt is! They had sold out of the women’s t-shirt, so I looked at the kid’s section and found a size that fit me. Even better, the kids’ clothing is always cheaper as well! I’ve been wearing this top with jeans and a cute crossbody handbag for this past month, and I’m certain I’ll wear it very often for many months to come.

So here are all of my favourite items for January this year! I’ll definitely upload a February favourites if you guys would like! Let me know what you would like in the comments or feel free to email me ☺️